PCA&D Community Day

2018 Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Creative Community Engagement Day is a new initiative from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s new president, Mike Molla. One day out of the year, instead of having class, PCA&D students go out into the Lancaster community to participate in creative engagement activities. These activities can include things like painting murals for nonprofits, picking up trash and removing invasive species, or creating props for local activities.

I was a vital part of a 3-person design team whose job was to develop branding and motion material for the event, as well as create a commemorative video out of footage from the activities throughout the day to be shown at the Presidential Installation that afternoon. The video had to be produced on an incredibly tight timeline of 5 hours from starting work to the final render, and we were able to pull it off successfully.

This project required me to balance scope and quality, work under hair-thin deadlines, and keep cool while working with a team under stress. Since this is a brand new initiative for the school, the branding material that my team and I created will be used for years to come

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