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  • Bells


    For my undergraduate thesis project, I aimed to create a brand system which evolves over each consumer touchpoint; becoming increasingly unique and abstract as the visitor becomes a fan while maintaining consistent identity. BELLS is an ambient post-rock band consisting of Sean Hennessey (This or the Apocalypse), Jon Hershey (August Burns Red), Tim Kettering, and […]

  • The Loop

    The Loop

    The Loop is a project by Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

  • Vibes


    Pareidolia is the tendency to recognize patterns — often faces — in otherwise ambiguous visual information. Here, this tendency is used as a tool to help the product catch a viewers’ eye. Winner of an American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA, this project was an exercise in designing consistent packaging across multiple SKUs. […]

  • Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

    As Creative Director at Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, [did cool stuff] Built the brand from scratch into a six-figure major nonprofit organization in Lancaster Our pipeline utilized automation and cutting-edge image editing technologies to lighten the workload for a small team

  • Bloombox


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